Other Recordings
Larry  Power
In addition to all of 12:01's recordings, Larry has been featured on other recordings with various artists during his thirty-plus years as a professional musician. In 1970 he recorded "Bootleg Him " with Alexis Korner (Father of the British blues scene) on the RAK record label. He also co-wrote two songs on the album with Alexis. Later, in 1972 he was featured on a double album with Alexis entitled " Greatest Hits Album " also on the RAK label.
In 1979 he recorded an album with the Skinny Kid Band entitled " Triple Play " on Sail Records label in Boston. Then late in 1979 and early 1980 Larry recorded " Orall Fixation " with Robert Ellis Orall also on the Sail Records label.  
LeRoy  Pina
LeRoy's first recording  was a single titled " Shake Your MoneyMaker " on Forward  Records, recorded in 1979, that featured LeRoy on lead vocal. In early 1980 he recorded  with blues slide guitar legend  J.B. Hutto and the New Hawks. " Keeper of the Flame " on the Baron Records label was the first of three albums to be recorded with J.B. and the New Hawks.
In 1981 he recorded a single with New Hawks guitarist " Silvertone Steve titled  "Jeff's Boogie " on the Star-Rhythm record label. The New Hawks  recorded a single in 1982 on the Black Rose record label entitled " Two x Nine " that featured LeRoy on lead vocal and featured  New Hawks bassist Kenny " The K" Krumbholtz on lead vocal on " Ooh Baby " on the flip side.
Early 1982, J.B. Hutto and the New Hawks recorded their second album " Slipin' and Slidein' " on Varick Records, which was released in 1983 and then re-released in 1999 on the Bulls Eye Blues record label under the new title " Rock with me Tonight ".
The third ablum with J.B. and the New Hawks titled
" Slide Slinger ", their second recording for the Varick Records label, was recorded and released in late 1983, which was also released in Europe on Black and Blue Records, a French label, under the same title " Slide Slinger ".
In 1984 the New Hawks recored another single on the Black Rose label titled  " Walk Don't Run "/ " James Bond Theme ', both songs were instrumentals. In 1985, Brenda and the New Hawks, recorded an EP on the Black Rose label which featured two original songs, " Jump Up Jump Back " written by LeRoy and Silvertone Steve and  " Ginnie Ginnie " written by bass player Danny Kirby.
In 1991 LeRoy recorded a cassette with Brother Cleve & Night-train Zydeco Playboys. In 1998 with  Maynard Silva & the New Hawks he recorded " Hip Shakin " featured on " Howl at the Moon " CD on Wolf Records.
Also in 1998, he recorded  " Handfull of Gimmie " with Big Bill's Band  and recorded 
"Blues Party " with The Liz Lannon Band  both CDs were on Black Rose record label.

In 2000, the New Hawks, Big Bill's Band and The Liz Lannon Band were featured on the Black Rose 20 year anniversary CD entitled  " 20 Yearsof Black Rose Vol.1 "    
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