The 12:01 Blues Band has seen its share of changes in its now twenty four year history. Since 1992, this four piece, sometimes five piece unit has been a consistent and sought after performer on the blues scene north of Boston, a testimony to their professionalism and resiliency.

Jon Anderson (bass), Big Dan McAuley (drums), Steve Caraway (keyboards, guitar), and Larry Power (lead guitar,lead vocals) were the original four members of the band. Soon to be joined by Danny Klane on sax and vocals in November of 1993. Mike Fritz joined the band one year later on keyboards, harp and vocals, when Steve Caraway moved on to other projects. Larry Power still remains, but changes began early in 1997.

Terry Cole was added on bass in January of '97 as Jon Anderson moved on to his own project. Cole immediately fit in, but the band was dealt a severe blow one month later when, on February 10th, drummer Dan McAuley passed away in his sleep. Only two nights earlier, 12:01 had played to a capacity crowd at the original "House of Blues" in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Ma. Sadly, Big Dan was only 36, and guitarist Power recalls it as "the biggest shock of my life".

The band was now faced with a two-pronged problem: (1) finding a replacement for Big Dan, and (2), perhaps more difficult, carrying on in the face of a great personal loss. But  they persevered, and after auditioning ten drummers and playing gigs with four others, eleven months later, they finally found the missing piece of the puzzle.

In January 1998, 12:01 added LeRoy Pina on drums. LeRoy had also suffered a great personal loss in 1997 when, on August 8th,  his wife Donna passed away in her sleep, she was only 42.  LeRoy states it was "the hardest thing I will ever experience".

LeRoy worked with blues legends J.B. Hutto and the New Hawks, and Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson and won a Grammy Award in 1984 for his work with J.B. and Luther. Always in demand as a freelancer, he has played with Big Bill's Band, The Liz Lannon Band, and The Cat Sass Band and most recently playing with Lisa Marie & All Shook Up and Erin & The Soul Drivers, also LeRoy,Danny and Larry play in the Bucket of Blues band. His addition has once again solidified 12:01.

      Veteran North Shore bassist Mike Morrison joined the band in January 1999 as Terry Cole left to pursue a business opportunity. Mike was a member of other north shore bands including Hot To Trot in the late 70's, Bad Habits in early 80's also GB band Quartet from '83 to '93 then with the Fast Eddy band in mid to late '90s before joining 12:01 in '99. He has done some freelance studio work and live gigs around the North Shore with many  bands. Mike's incredible vocals and killer bass playing make him a favorite with our fans.  Together, Morrison and Pina form a rock-solid rhythm section.

In the spring of '99, 12:01 added Dale "The Reverend" Parker on organ and piano when Mike Fritz needed time to attend to professional and family  concerns. Dale's traditional B-3 sound and passion made the transition very easy for the band to carry on and he was very well received by our fans. Dale filled in for Mike for two years until Mike returned in 2001. 
But Mike left the band in March '03 when his mother became ill, sadly she passed away later that year. He is pursuing other music projects these days. We will always be grateful to Mike for his contribution to 12:01.

 In the spring of '03, 12:01 called on Dale and guitarist "Silvertone" Steve Coveney  to fill the gap when Mike left and the band  once again carried on.
  "Silvertone" and "Reverend" alternate gigs with the band as the fifth player. Steve and LeRoy have been playing in different bands since the late '70S. Steve was the original guitarist with J.B. Hutto and The New Hawks when LeRoy joined J.B. in the summer of '79.
From the mid '80s thru the late '90s  Steve and LeRoy played with Big Bill's Band, Eric and The New Hawks, The Liz Lannon Band and Brenda and The New Hawks.

Silvertone's style, raw energy and antics on stage make him a welcomed addition to 12:01 and a big hit with our fans. 
  Silvertone was one of the founding members of The Kassy Buckly Band and freelances with Shirley Lewis, Lisa Marie and other  Boston blues bands. 

In January of '08 Larry invited oragn/piano player Justin "Just in Time" Casinghino to play at the Sunday "Blues Jam" at the Cove Lounge in Revere beach. Justin is now part of the house band on Sundays along with Larry and Mike Morrison.  In the Spring '08 Justin started filling in with 12:01 as the occational fifth piece. His killer B-3 sound and soulful vocals are a very welcome addition to the band. 

 In late March '13 Danny left the band and moved to Santa Barbara,Cal to spend some time with his daughter Jenifer. Danny was the only sax player that 12:01 ever had and after 20 years in the band when he once again 12:01 was left with a big hole in it's soul. As a testament to the band 12:01 carried on and continues to play to a packed house everywhere they travel.

As sole remaining original member of 12:01, Larry Power offers a unique perspective on the band: "I thought I'd seen it all in thirty plus years in the music business, but the highs have been higher and the lows lower than anything I've done before. It's made us stronger as a band and I think the best is yet to come". With that kind of outlook, 12:01 truly has a bright future ahead.